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Dear Pupils, Parents/Carers, Staff, Governors and Stakeholders

I am writing to you as a key stakeholder to inform you of our intention to continue with our plans to expand our intake at Year 7 from September 2019.

This represents an increase in our Published Admission Number (PAN) from 150 to 160 pupils, drawing initially from a West Kent area (135 pupils), and then from an Outer Area (20 pupils), based on a qualifying score (360 in the PESE 11+ test). Further details of the school’s determined admissions arrangements for September 2019 can be found on our website under:

Admissions > Admissions Arrangements

It is our hope that we can thus benefit local secondary age pupils:

  •             There would be improved access to a local grammar school for Year 6 pupils from local primary schools who achieve the qualifying score in the PESE test.
  •             Expansion, and adjusted admissions criteria, would also go some way to addressing the pressing need for additional secondary school places in Tunbridge Wells.
  •             The school could work better with local primary and secondary schools as a result of a proposed Fair Access and Partnership Plan (FAPP).
  •             The facilities for pupils who come to the school would be improved by our participation in the Selective School Expansion Funding scheme. 

The Governors therefore propose in essence to increase the school roll by 10 pupils every year from September 2019 to September 2025 inclusive. At the same time we intend to expand our teaching facilities by the development of a new building that would replace an obsolete gymnasium with a School Library, a suite of classrooms and a Sixth Form Study Centre.

The governors would welcome comments on this proposal by Thursday 19th July to the following email address:  

Yours sincerely,

Edward Wesson