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Sixth Form Entry

The Sixth Form should be the most challenging, exciting and enjoyable time you spend at school. Challenging, as the work will get progressively harder and there will be increasing demands on you, exciting as you will have the opportunity to try new things, and enjoyable as you are no longer in compulsory education but have chosen to accept a place with us and study the A-Levels that you are best at and enjoy the most. There is a much greater emphasis on independent study in the Sixth Form and you will be expected to work hard not only in the classroom, but also in non-contact periods at school and extensively at home – we recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per night.

Nearly all our students will make a UCAS application to the more selective universities in the UK and abroad – over 80% will end up going to a Russell Group university, including Oxford and Cambridge. Supporting students in this and in making the transition from being pupils at school to being ready to embark on undergraduate courses  forms a key part of our pastoral programme. There are talks and visits throughout the year to make sure you make the right decision about your future and are well-informed on choices.

External students are invited to attend our Options Evening on 6th December 2018. The purpose of the Options Evening is to provide information on the Sixth Form at Skinners’, our expectations, our courses and how to apply. The Options Evening consists of two parts:  firstly, presentations at 5.00pm (repeated at 6.00pm).  The Headmaster and Mr Fleming, Head of Sixth Form, will talk about the process of applying to the Skinners’ School Sixth Form and our expectations of Sixth Formers, whilst a senior Skinners' student will present on being a Sixth Former and the process of choosing A-Levels from a student perspective.  If you would like to attend please book place(s) by following the link below:

For further information about admission to our Sixth Form and how to apply please look at our Application Process page.