Teaching staff contact details

Mr E WESSON edward.wesson@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr R BEE roger.bee@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr J METCALF julian.metcalf@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr C FLEMING craig.fleming@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs S PHYALL susanphyall@skinners-school.org.uk


Mr C ADAMS chris.adams@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs L AKERS-DOUGLAS lorna.akers-douglas@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr S BURNS steve.burns@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr F CANNAN-BRANIFF fergus.cannanbraniff@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs J CHARVAT jacqui.charvat@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr D CLUCAS doug.clucas@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr J COLTELLA james.coltella@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr N DEDMAN neil.dedman@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr P EDWARDS paul.edwards@skinners-school.org.uk

Ms S EVERARD sinead.everard@skinners-school.org.uk

Miss C FENTON claire.fenton@skinners-school.org.uk

Miss E FRYER ellie.fryer@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr P GREEN paul.green@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr R HARDY rob.hardy@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr J HENDRY johnhendry@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs J HENDRY jackie.hendry@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr S HIGGINS steve.higgins@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs E HILLIER lizzy.hillier@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr L HILLIER leo.hillier@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr N HUBBARD nigel.hubbard@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs J HUBBARD jchubbard@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr T JAMES tom.james@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr S JERVIS simon.jervis@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr C JOHNSON chris.johnson@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr I KELSO iaokelso@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs H KIRK helen.kirk@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr T LAWSON tom.lawson@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr M LEWRY michael.lewry@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr N LINES nathan.lines@skinners-school.org.uk

Miss S LOWE sarah.lowe@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr R MARRIOTT richard.marriott@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs M MASON mari_mason@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr A MEAD tonymead@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs R MEAD ruthmead@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr R MONTGOMERY ross.montgomery@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr M MOODY markmoody@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr R MOORE russell.moore@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr T NIVEN tim.niven@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr K O'BRIEN kevin.obrien@skinners-school.org.uk

Ms S PRETORIUS sandra.p@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr W RANDALL will.randall@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr S RENAUDIE serge.renaudie@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr L SATOW laurence.satow@skinners-school.org.uk

Ms R SMITH becsmith@skinners-school.org.uk

Ms R SPENCER rebekah.spencer@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs R TONKIN ruth.tonkin@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr P UBLY peter.ubly@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr T WALSH terwalsh@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr C WALTON chris.walton@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr T WATTS tim.watts@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs E WHEELER emma.wheeler@skinners-school.org.uk

Mr J WILDMAN julien.wildman@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs A WILSON andrea.wilson@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs J WILTSHIRE jane.wiltshire@skinners-school.org.uk

Mrs K WRIGHT karen.wright@skinners-school.org.uk

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Roger Fitzwater
The funeral of Roger Fitzwater will take place on Wednesday 10th May at 1.45pm at Tunbridge Wells...
Owen Carey
The school community is deeply saddened to announce the death of Owen Carey, one of our Year 13 students. ...

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