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Skinners' & Government League Tables 2017

A word about our GCSE results in 2017 as they appear in provisional government performance tables this autumn.

According to government performance measures, Skinners’ has only a 76% pass rate at GCSE this year, a significant drop from our usual 100%. I should point out that the real figure is in fact 100% (with 72% A*-A or 9-7), and I shall explain why:

  • 27 members of our Year 11 took Maths GCSE early (in the summer of 2016). Our top Maths set does this every year, to allow them to take Additional Maths in Year 11, thus preparing them more obviously for Further Maths A level. All achieved an A*.
  • The rest of Year 11 sat the reformed Maths GCSE (9-1) in the summer of 2017. However the DfE school performance measures no longer recognise the legacy GCSE. The computer therefore says that 27 members of last year’s Year 11 have no GCSE in Maths at all (the reality is that they all have the top grade).
  • This statistical quirk is a one-off, as by next summer all members of Year 11 will have taken reformed GCSEs in Maths, either in the summer of 2017 (where in fact all but one of our current Year 11 top set achieved a 9) or in the summer of 2018.

We knew this might happen but we continued with our previous policy of early entry in Maths for some as we wanted to do the best thing for the pupils concerned, rather than be slaves to school performance measures.

Nevertheless, I hope this clarifies things for anyone concerned about the matter!


Edward Wesson


16th October 2017