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Examination Results 2019

The wait is almost over.

A-Level results will be available for students to pick up from the School Hall from 8.00am on Thursday 15th August. Further information about results and re-marks are available in the Examinations section of this website. All A-Level students must see Mr Fleming when they have collected their results.

GCSE results will be available in the School Hall for students to collect from 9.00am on Thursday 22nd August.

Please do not phone the School Office requesting your results.

The very best of luck to you all.

Join Us

We have recently made changes to the Society’s Constitution whereby all Old Skinners are ‘Associate’ members of the Society, however we do offer a ‘Full’ membership and ‘Privileged’ membership which offers you some additional benefits.

Associate Members are free to join and will receive all Old Skinners’ communications electronically via email.  This is to ensure that we are fully inclusive to all Old Skinners’ of all ages so we can stay in touch with, and you can stay in touch with the School.  We hope that by staying in touch with you that we will see you at our various events throughout the year and encourage you to become Full or Privileged Members in the future.

Full Members of the Society must pay a subscription fee to the Society via Standing Order of £20 per annum.  This is equivalent to the basic form of membership we have offered since the start of the Society, and we have increased this from the usual £10 in line with inflation for the first time in 24 years.  As a Full Member you will receive all communications electronically by default, but can request hard copies of all letters and the Leopard Magazine by post if you require.  As a Full Member you will also receive a 10% discount to all our functions.

Privileged Members of the Society must pay a subscription fee to the Society via Standing Order of £50 per annum.  This will entitle you to the same benefits as Full Members, however with a discount of 20% to all our events, and other benefits we may offer through the year.  This level of subscription has been determined by those Old Skinners’ who have expressed a desire to give back more to the Society and School and to encourage you to attend our functions.

To all recent School leavers who join as Full Members, we offer the benefits of Privileged Members for the first 3 years of your membership.  This we hope will encourage you to join us at various events so soon after leaving the School and stay in touch with friends as you all start on your various life journeys.  

We also would like to invite those of you currently paying the £10 subscription under standing order to please upgrade this to £20 and provide us with your updated details using the application forms.

Becoming a Full or Privileged Member is an opportunity for you to help your former school, whether it’s as a mentor, offering work placement opportunities or coming back and sharing your experiences with current pupils.  Any surplus from your membership subscription is donated back to the School.

Members will shortly have access to an on-line database where they will be able to search for and get in touch with old friends. You will have the ability to update your personal details so you can share as a little or as much information about yourself.

To become a member please download and complete the application form and return to the Society.

In accordance with Clause 21 of the Constitution of The Society the Full membership subscription shall be not less than £20 per annum.

For all membership enquiries, please contact Larry Hardcastle



The Leopards' Grace

Thanks be to Thee, O Father, from Whom all bounties flow,
Whose mercies ever gladden Thy children here below,
Direct our lives in service to all who stand in need
And grant us, Lord, Thy blessing in every hour and deed.


(Words by P V Hobbs and H W E Reynolds Music by A R Pamment)


The Leopards' Song

Now hands about, good Leopards all,
And sing a rousing chorus,
In praise of all our comrades here
And those who went before us;
For to this lay all hearts beat true,
The gallant hearts that love us,
So fortune fend each absent friend
While there’s a sun above us

Sing, Leopards, sing:
“Floreat Sodalitas”;
Little matter, well or ill,
Sentiment is more than skill
Sing together with a will:
“Floreat Sodalitas; ’dalitas Pardorum”

The ivy climbs by brick and stone
About the buttress’d Hall;
So memory weaves a charm, to keep
Her servitors in thrall:
And whisker’d Leopards think in awe
Of Bab-el-mandeb’s Straits,
Where, in the days of long ago,
They wrestled with the fates

Sing, Leopards, sing: etc

Then, here’s a toast before we part:
“The School-House by the Lew”:
And may its friends be stout of heart,
Its enemies be few.
So we will pledge our noble selves
To use our best endeavour,
That while the merry world goes round,
The School may stand for ever

Sing, Leopards, sing: etc


(Words by P Shaw Jeffrey, Music by Cuthbert H Cronk)