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Examination Results 2019

The wait is almost over.

A-Level results will be available for students to pick up from the School Hall from 8.00am on Thursday 15th August. Further information about results and re-marks are available in the Examinations section of this website. All A-Level students must see Mr Fleming when they have collected their results.

GCSE results will be available in the School Hall for students to collect from 9.00am on Thursday 22nd August.

Please do not phone the School Office requesting your results.

The very best of luck to you all.


The President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Old Skinners' section of the school’s web page.

With the AGM now ‘done and dusted’ it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 127th year of the Society. We have an excellent Committee in place with a good mix of skills and experience so I am looking forward to a well organised and enjoyable year ahead.

The Committee has been very busy planning and organising some fundamental changes to the membership structure of the Society which have been ‘on the cards’ for a couple of years.  These have now been approved and the task of implementation is now underway.

We wish to be fully inclusive and never lose touch with any Old Skinner so from now on all Old Skinners are automatically Associate Members of the Society.  Our new membership database is now fully up and running and with the ease and low cost of electronic communication we will be sending newsletters from both the Society and the School to these members.

We hope that as many of you as possible will be inspired to become Full Members for which an annual subscription is payable.  You will receive all communications from the Society including the Leopard magazine, all of which can be posted if required.  Furthermore a discount of 10% will be available for all events including the Annual Dinner and Leopards’ Dinner Dance.  We tend to forget that the annual subscription of £10 was set twenty fouryearsago and for some time has been in urgent need of updating.  This time has now come and we have done no more than restore it to its original value which means an increase to £20. 

Finally we are offering a Privileged Membership level to those who wish to subscribe more, and for £50 min pa (which after all is still only £1 per week) we are offering discounts of 20% for our events.

 In the fullness of time all this will be communicated to you by the Membership Secretary in detail and I ask you all please to consider responding in a positive manner remembering that all surplus funds - whether created from your subscriptions; by reducing operating costs; or from the events we run - eventually go back to the School to support all those worthwhile projects for which no state funding is available.  Also remember it will pay to ensure you are up to date with your desired membership level so that you can claim the appropriate discount when booking for our events!

If you are an Old Skinner with whom we have lost contact then please use the Application Form and standing order mandate which you can access here:

So don’t let memories of your Skinners’ School days wither into obscurity but use this year to join up, join in and enjoy and celebrate the legacy that the School has endowed upon us all. 


Larry Hardcastle