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Welcome to the Old Skinners' section of the school’s web page.

The Old Skinners’ Society (OSS) is an organisation committed to The Skinners’ School Alumni and ultimately the school. The school is the binding factor tying each person associated with the OSS. I'd like to build from the Society’s base to create a wider, more diverse Old Skinners' alumni culture, nurtured and encouraged by the OSS and with greater links to the school. This will enable information and events to be disseminated to the very diverse set of Old Skinners' to the greatest benefit to them being an Old Skinner. The OSS runs a non for profit organisation with any annual surplus being presented back to the school either for specific purposes or general.

I am excited and looking forward to this year and the future. The main goal at this stage is that whilst we must retain the tradition and enjoy the rich history we should branch out to as many Old Skinners' as we can find to give them the option to hear more from fellow alumni, the school and events they may wish to consider. There are a couple of other ideas I wish to bring to the Committee and why I am relishing this opportunity.

If anyone reading this knows of a fellow Old Skinner who may want to read about the multitude of happenings at the school and with other alumni please get in touch with and of the committee on the about us tab or : Camilla Nichols at camilla.nichols@skinners-school.org.uk

I would like any Old Skinners', be they old boys of the school, parents of old boys, former staff or those who wish to be involved to feel free to get in touch.

 1. Help us reach out to as many people as you know who went to Skinners', please help us widen the net.

2. Come to an event or two, at least consider the opportunity, speak about the events, the school and the society.

3.  Increase the standing order that hasn't changed in >25y and help the school. Those leaving in the school in the 1970's paid the same as those leaving in the 20teens. £10 in the seventies is about £25 now.

4. Get fully involved, be a part of the executive committee, there are spaces, organise an event. There are many things you can do to help.

Please get in touch, come along, change your standing order, let us know your ideas.

We look forward to you getting in touch and getting involved.

Chris Pawson FCA, MSc (Oxon), BA

President of the Old Skinners’ Society 2014/15

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