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Tunbridge Wells is the regional centre for west Kent and north east Sussex. Since its foundation Skinners’ School has always been clear that it should serve both the town of Tunbridge Wells and its hinterland of villages. The Governors have decided that the School will select solely on academic ability as measured by the KCC PESE (11+) test. Geography will only be used as a tie-breaker between applicants with the same score. It should be noted that the Schools’ Adjudicator affirmed this policy, following a complaint to him in 2009.



Offers have been made to 155 applicants for September 2017 Year 7 entry.  The extra five places (above PAN) have been made available due to an urgent request from Kent County Council to assist with significantly higher demand this year.  Boys will be divided into five forms of 31 pupils.

The lowest score offered in this first round is 371.  Not all applicants on this score have been offered a place, with those living closest given priority in accordance with our oversubscription criteria.

The average PESE score for these offers is 386.

If an offer has not been made, KCC operates a waiting list on our behalf until they reallocate places on 28 April; please contact them if you wish to request being added to the list.


Required PESE Score for Skinners’

Our threshold is set by supply and demand i.e. those who apply and what they score.  Once applications are received by Kent County Council via completed SCAFs (Secondary Common Application Forms), we are asked to rank those who have listed Skinners’ and we do so according to our oversubscription criteria (which can be found under Admission Process).  In essence, this would be by score first.  Our ranked list is then returned to KCC who make offers on our behalf on National Offer Day, 1 March.  At that point, we are aware of the boys who have been offered places and therefore what our threshold for that year has been set at.

When advising parents about our threshold, we usually refer to historic information to give an indication.  Until this year, with the change in the tests three years ago, we only had two years’ worth to guide us.  Coincidentally, both times, first round offers were made to applicants who scored 364 and above i.e. the highest scoring 150 boys.  Ultimately, this threshold, again for both years, dropped to 359. 

If an offer is not made, we operate a waiting list based on 11+ scores until the January following entry and thereafter where requested by parents.  You also have the right of appeal and further details may be found under Appeals.


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