Sixth Form

The Sixth Form should be the most challenging, exciting and enjoyable time you spend at school. Challenging, as the work will get progressively harder and there will be increasing demands on you, exciting as you will have the opportunity to try new things, and enjoyable as you are no longer in compulsory education but have chosen to accept a place with us and study the A-Levels that you are best at and enjoy the most. There is a much greater emphasis on independent study in the Sixth Form and you will be expected to work hard not only in the classroom, but also in non-contact periods at school and extensively at home – we recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per night.

Nearly all our students will make a UCAS application to the more selective universities in the UK and abroad – over 80% will end up going to a Russell Group university, including Oxford and Cambridge. Supporting students in this and in making the transition from being pupils at school to being ready to embark on undergraduate courses  forms a key part of our pastoral programme. There are talks and visits throughout the year to make sure you make the right decision about your future and are well-informed on choices.

All prospective Sixth Form students must make an application. They are expected to achieve:

An average grade of 48 points over their best 8 GCSEs, normally including Maths, English, Science and a modern Foreign Language. (A*= 58, A= 52, B =46, C= 40)

At least an A grade at GCSE in the following subjects, in order to study that subject at A level: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French and German.

At least C grades in English Language and Maths at GCSE.

Full Admission Arrangements including for Sixth Form can be found under 11+ Admissions, Admission Process.

We offer a traditional post 16 programme: we value academic achievement, have the highest expectations of our students and encourage wide participation in a range of extra-curricular opportunities. We have a uniform code and expect our students to be punctual and to lead the rest of the school by example. Students are expected to make excellent use of their time at school and outside of Break and Lunch are not permitted outside of the school grounds. Our Sixth Form students are bright, motivated, articulate and involved. We value their views and seek and expect their support in many day-to-day activities that help with the smooth running of the School. More than 50% of the year group will go on to take some sort of leadership role, be this as a subject prefect, a junior form prefect, House Captain, a member of the school prefect team or within our CCF or sports teams.

Through our stimulating yet supportive and friendly environment, we aim to produce not only well qualified students but also well-informed and reflective world citizens who recognise the significance of personal and corporate responsibility as members of a global community.

If this sounds like the Sixth Form experience you are looking for then you will enjoy the two years at Skinners’ and we look forward to receiving your application.

In Year 12, students will choose 4 subjects which we hope most will continue through to the full two year A Level qualification. 

In addition all students in Year 12 and Year 13 will follow a compulsory issues based course known as ‘Civics’. Through this students explore contemporary issues, careers education, talks from university tutors and PSHE topics.

Wednesday afternoon is Games afternoon. A range of activities are available in and out of school – we expect all students to participate. Our major team sports are Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket and Football.

For current Skinners’ Year 11 students entering the Sixth Form, the A  level option choices form must be completed and returned to the School Office on the date released by the Director of Studies. You do not have to make an additional application on top of this document. For external students we have a small number of places available each year and we welcome your application. Please see the advice given under the tab marked “applications from external students.”

Pastoral Support

Registration takes place in tutor groups. There are six tutor groups in both Year 12 and Year 13, each comprising about twenty students. Form tutors usually stay with their groups for the two years so they get to know their tutees very well indeed and in most cases will write their academic reference. Sixth Form assemblies occur weekly and are led by the Head of Sixth Form, tutors and students. Students also have access to our school nurse, counsellor and independent careers advice.

Sixth Form Accommodation

Lessons take place in specialist subject teaching rooms. However, the Sixth Form also enjoy their own common room and work room. The common room is an area of social space where refreshments, including breakfast and lunch, are available. The work room is a silent area for individual work where computers with internet access are provided. Students may also work in the school library when it is available. There is compulsory “private study” periods for many morning sessions. Wi-fi is available throughout the school to encourage independent study. 


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