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September 2017 Entry

Required PESE Score - Our threshold is set by supply and demand i.e. those who apply and what they score.  Following ranking according to our oversubscription criteria (in essence, by score first), KCC make offers on our behalf.  At that point, we are aware of what our threshold for that year has been set at.  When advising parents about our threshold, we usually refer to historic information to give an indication.  For the last two years, first round offers were made to applicants who scored 364 and above i.e. the highest scoring 150 boys.  Ultimately, this threshold, again for both years, dropped to 359.

Supplementary Information Form - Up to 5 places will be offered to pupils registered in that academic year for Free School Meals, ranked according to their combined test scores.  Applicants in this category will need to have filled out a Supplementary Information Form.  The form is only required for boys registered for Free School Meals and must be submitted with appropriate evidence.

Sixth Form External Applicants