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Examination Results 2019

The wait is almost over.

A-Level results will be available for students to pick up from the School Hall from 8.00am on Thursday 15th August. Further information about results and re-marks are available in the Examinations section of this website. All A-Level students must see Mr Fleming when they have collected their results.

GCSE results will be available in the School Hall for students to collect from 9.00am on Thursday 22nd August.

Please do not phone the School Office requesting your results.

The very best of luck to you all.

Pupil Premium


  1. Strategy for using Pupil Premium to support eligible students

The Pupil Premium grant for the academic year 2018-19 is likely to be in the region of £29.500. Although numbers are low there is an increasing number of students entering the school who qualify for Pupil Premium and so the Year groups with the most Pupil Premium students are Years 7 and 8.

The school works with parents to ensure no student will miss out on opportunities nor be held back in their learning owing to financial constraints.  All Pupil Premium parents are written to in Term 1 and are encouraged to contact the school if there is any way the Pupil Premium grant can be used to support their son’s progress.

  1. Main barriers to achievement and how these may be overcome

The students who are eligible for Pupil Premium are quite diverse so needs vary.  The main barriers to learning and personal growth are financial constraints that may limit the purchase of additional support materials such as text books and revision guide, access to additional tuition such as sports clubs and peripatetic music lessons and involvement in co-curricular trips, exchanges and visits. These potential barriers are overcome by the school supplying or paying for materials, lessons and trips through the fund.

  1. The effect of the fund is measured by:


  • Outcomes, especially of Year 11 students in their GCSEs.
  • Monitoring progress of Pupil Premium students through Progress and Written Reports
  • Dialogue with parents.


Skinners’ School firmly believes in achievement and progress for all. The table below identifies how Skinners’ School uses Pupil Premium Funding to support its most vulnerable students. These students include those who meet the criteria for Free School Meals and those who are Looked After by the Local Authority.



Staff Development

Enabling all staff to have the strategies to support vulnerable students both within and beyond the curriculum.

Diagnostic Testing

To diagnose specific barriers to progress and apply appropriate support.

Small Group Support

Providing a programme of ‘booster’ sessions to support understanding and progress (with focus tailored to the needs of the pupils).


To provide appropriate support for specific issues.

Extra- curricular opportunities

Clubs, trips and visits that will enrich students’ enjoyment and understanding of the curriculum and to provide opportunities that they might not otherwise have access to.

Literacy Support Programme

To ensure all students have a level of literacy that enables them to access the curriculum.

Mentoring Programme

One to one mentoring support to monitor and guide progress.

Termly Tracking of Progress

Students work is marked and monitored on a regular basis and formally assessed to enable termly tracking data to be sent home for every subject. This data informs both parental and mentor discussions.

Motivational trips

Trips that both inspire and enthuse students to achieve their very best and reach beyond the realms of what they believe is possible. Trips to Oxford University are included to support improving aspirations.


Academic Year 2016-17

Our income for the academic year 2016-17 was £11,220.

Expenditure for 2016-17 academic year

Contribution towards trips, visits and exchanges         £2,664.00

Individual support and teaching                                     £1,120.00

Individual education and support (TA salary)              £8,260.39

Books and equipment                                                     £   159.61

Total                                                                               £12,204.00


Academic Year 2017-18

Our income for the academic year 2017-18 was £12,000.

Expenditure for 2017-18 academic year

Extra tuition, eg music                                         £2,500
Trips, visits and conferences                                 £5,500
Clubs                                                                  £600
Exam admin                                                        £150
Miscellaneous                                                      £2750

Total                                                                 £11500 


Expected income for 2018/2019 is £30,000


Pupils who qualify for this additional funding at Skinners’ cover the full range of academic ability.  It is our vision that all students have access to appropriate challenge and support in the curriculum, have access to the full range of extra-curricular opportunities as well as receiving appropriate careers and UCAS guidance.  

Measuring the impact

The progress of all significant groups of students is monitored after reporting sessions.  Action plans are written to support individual students where there is a concern over progress. We also monitor the students in terms of their pastoral well-being. Heads of Year, the SENCO and form tutors work together to ensure all pupils are happy and are making academic progress in line with targets.

The progress of these significant groups and in particular Pupil Premium students is reported to the Education Committee of the Governing Body.

Next review: September 2019