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Examination Results 2019

The wait is almost over.

A-Level results will be available for students to pick up from the School Hall from 8.00am on Thursday 15th August. Further information about results and re-marks are available in the Examinations section of this website. All A-Level students must see Mr Fleming when they have collected their results.

GCSE results will be available in the School Hall for students to collect from 9.00am on Thursday 22nd August.

Please do not phone the School Office requesting your results.

The very best of luck to you all.


Our Learning Development Department aims to support an extensive range of pupils and their needs. The focus involves identifying assessing and making provision for pupils with special needs. These needs vary widely, from social and emotional needs, which might include Specific Leaning Difficulties, to physical needs. Skinners’ School prides itself in being inclusive and will do anything within its power to support the particular needs of all students.

Individual programmes are devised by the SENCO in consultation with subject staff, tailored to the individual needs of the student. These programmes are largely delivered by the SENCO and might take the form of one to one tuition, or small group work. Specialist equipment, like laptops, is available for those with significant handwriting difficulties, although an extensive handwriting programme is also available.

Often the SENCO coaches students through a stressful time, whether to do with home or school situations. If necessary, the school counsellor can provide a confidential service, for those with more significant social/ emotional or behavioural issues. See ‘ Counselling Service’.

Liaison between subject staff and SENCO is facilitated through her attendance at Heads of Year meetings, Heads of Department meetings and regular liaison with individual subject staff.

Any child with a physical disability, with or without a statement, receives specialist attention and monitoring from the Learning Development Department. For those pupils, identified with a specific Learning Difficulty that may impact on their exam performance, the SENCO may recommend special arrangements for exams such as additional time allocation, or a dedicated laptop.

You can read the latest SEN Governors' Report here