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Examination Results 2019

The wait is almost over.

A-Level results will be available for students to pick up from the School Hall from 8.00am on Thursday 15th August. Further information about results and re-marks are available in the Examinations section of this website. All A-Level students must see Mr Fleming when they have collected their results.

GCSE results will be available in the School Hall for students to collect from 9.00am on Thursday 22nd August.

Please do not phone the School Office requesting your results.

The very best of luck to you all.

Sixth form rules

Sixth Form Rules & Regulations

As an integral part of the School, Sixth Formers are expected to adhere to all the general rules and regulations which apply to all pupils. There are, however, some changes or additions to these regulations and it is important you are aware of these from the start of Year 12. As you progress through the Sixth Form, particularly as you get closer to 18, you may feel as a newly “mature” adult you can invent your own set of boundaries. This is NOT the case – in fact we expect you to be a role model to the younger members of the School. Please read the next section very carefully.


For everyday School wear the default uniform is:

A School suit – this should be plain black, charcoal grey or navy blue in colour with matching trousers and jacket. You must consult with the Head of Sixth Form before purchase if you have any doubts on this.  The photograph below shows examples of the shade of navy - the student on the right is wearing the lightest shade of navy permitted.

Navy Suits

A plain white, blue or grey shirt – no stripes or patterns – and they should anticipate any growth that you experience during your time in the Sixth Form.

Black shoes of a conventional style. Boots, suede and trainer-like shoes are excluded.

Sixth Form tie, other School Club/sports tie, or a representative tie (for example a County tie).

When the weather is inclement pullovers and cardigans are allowed. These should be of a single dark colour and must not have a logo, motif or zipped collar. Roll neck pullovers are not permitted. Crew necked pullovers are permitted, but your tie school tie should be visible. Hats and top coats are NOT to be worn on the school site unless during extreme weather conditions.

Jewellery, including all piercings, is not permitted. You will be asked to remove any stud or ring regardless of whether the hole closes up or not.

The way uniform is worn is as important as the uniform itself. Shirts should be tucked in with top button done up. Jackets are needed for all formal occasions including assemblies and lessons, and you should always wear your jacket around school unless specific weather relaxations are in force.

Students must look smart and be clean shaven – you are not permitted to grow a beard.


You should be in your form room or with your form in the case of prefects, by 8.30am. A lot of information is sent out during this period and in School Assemblies, much of which will be essential for you to receive. It is also a time for you and your tutor to get to know one another – this is important as he or she will be writing your UCAS or job references. If for any reason you do not make it to School on time there is an important procedure:

Sign the late book, currently found in the School Office, if you arrive at any time after form assembly.

If you are going to be late because of a dental appointment or other such matters, please write to your tutor requesting permission. If you are ill during the day go to the School Office. At no stage are you allowed to go home without first reporting to the School Office and signing out in the Exeat Book in the School Office. Every Sixth Form student has a 95% target for attendance and punctuality and students who fall below this expectation can be expected to have privileges removed and in extreme cases be asked to leave the school.

Please note it is not permissible to book driving lessons during the school day.

If you know you are going to be absent your parents MUST write to the Headmaster asking his permission to be excused. This is a legal requirement and the Headmaster can refuse to give his permission if there is not a good reason.


You are allowed to leave the School site during Break. You may be allowed to use your Form Room at this time, but only at the discretion of your Tutor. You will be expected to help with duties around the School. It is your responsibility to ensure you are on time for period 2.


Afternoon registration takes place at 1.30pm in the lesson you have period 4. For Sixth Formers who do NOT have a lesson period 4 you are still expected to be registered in the Sixth Form Common room at 1.30pm – there are no exceptions to this rule. 

You are allowed to leave the School site over lunch-time, but Prefects must fulfil their duties which are normally arranged by Mr Fleming and the Duty Prefect. These duties might include supervision of queues in the Dining Hall or litter collection with Junior Forms. If you do go over to St John’s Park please behave yourself and do not crowd around the front of houses along Beltring Road. Your punctuality will be monitored and those who are frequently late will be punished. If you drop litter in St. John’s Park you can expect to be fined by the local council.


If you have a study period at the end of the day you are allowed to go home if this has been agreed with your form tutor/ Head of Sixth Form and your parents. You must produce a letter from your parents confirming permission to study at home and give this to the Head of Sixth Form. This privilege may be rescinded if you fall behind with your work.

For study periods during the rest of the School day you may be expected to report to a designated room. You may read, talk quietly or listen to music on headphones during this time, but please don’t be disruptive or disturb other classes. For those who want to undertake some silent study you may go to the School Library or to other free rooms, (including the Computer Labs). The Sixth Form study room is for quiet academic work and computer games are banned. You are not allowed off-site during these periods. Please note that private study periods are not 'free periods'. The School library is now open until 5pm and the Sixth Form study room is usually open until 7pm – we expect you to regularly use these extended study facilities.


Very few AS examinations (unreformed A Levels) now take place in the summer of your Lower Sixth Form. Results for these will be published in August of the same year. The majority of A Levels (reformed A Levels) will now be studied in a linear format which means that public examinations will be taken at the end of the two year course. Mock examinations will take place towards the end of Year 12 and it will be a requirement to do well in these if you are to continue into Year 13. Final results of most public examinations will be published in August of your Year 13.

The school holds a number of evening events designed to give advice about university applications. We host an annual Oxbridge evening, Higher Education Fair and an evening giving advice on UCAS applications. Students also get the opportunity to listen to a number of admissions tutors from a variety of institutions and participate in a variety of HE conferences. All UCAS applications are expected to be complete by October of a student’s Year 13.


Sixth Formers do not have permission to park or drive vehicles on the school grounds.   Only those with individual and specific permission from the Headmaster may be allowed to park at school - this includes motorcycles and scooters. We ask students not to park in Mereworth Road and Hopwood Gardens and to be courteous when parking in the area around the school.